Paragliding in Boryeong

Tandem paragliding in Boryeong

Ever dreamt of soaring through the sky? Well now you can! Tandem paragliding is the most serene way to fulfill this dream. Our carefully selected and friendly pilots have many years of experience and are dedicated to giving you a fun, exciting and safe experience that you will never forget. To celebrate the launch of this new website and great weather, we have a special offer only this month of November. Come join us for a tandem flight, see you in the sky!

New website discount (book until 30 November 2017)

Regular from ₩139K, now ₩99K
VIP from ₩179K, now ₩119K

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How to get there and back

On Saturday mornings, it is possible to hitch a hike to Boryeong with one of our pilots who lives in Seoul. He has a van, but it may fill up quickly! Ask us if spots are available. If so, meet us at subway station:


*Express Bus Terminal
*Subway line number 3, 7 and 9
*At exit 8 (not 8-1 or 8-2)
*In the morning (7.30 AM)


Go out exit 8, turn left and meet us there!

We meet and ride down to Boryeong together. The drive is about 2 hours (if there is no traffic, fingers crossed – if there is, our pilot will entertain you with one of his thrilling stories). ​If you cannot ride with us, or you want to do tandem paragliding during the week or Sundays we will help you to get bus or train tickets.

To Boryeong by bus

We can help you get bus tickets.


*Express Bus Terminal
*Subway line number 3, 7 and 9
*At exit 8 (not 8-1 or 8-2)
*In the morning (7.30 AM)


Go out exit 8 turn left and walk straight. On your left will be a building with a sign that reads “Central City”.

We will show guests where to purchase bus tickets to Boryeong. Guests can purchase bus tickets for 10,900 won. Buses leave every hour. Guests will have to purchase their own bus tickets back to Seoul.

Any other day except Saturday, we will assist you to get bus tickets. Just contact us!

Note: buses almost never sellout unless it is a (public) holiday.

To Boryeong by train

We can help you get train tickets.

The advantage of going by train is no traffic, the disadvantage is seating. Especially in weekends, we advise you to purchase train tickets (back and forth) a few days in advance, or you risk train tickets selling out or having to stand / sit on the floor. Tickets are linked to seats and seats may sell out.

Note: The train station in Boryeong is called Daecheon (대천, the old name for Boryeong), not Daejeon (대전). The address is below.

To Boryeong with own transportation

You can meet us in Boryeong by driving yourself. Contact us for the exact location.

In Boryeong

We will pick guests up at either the bus or train station when they arrive. We will take guests paragliding and to the beach afterwards if they choose. By car, it is 5 minutes from both the bus or train station to the landing site.

Regular course:

Around 15 minutes of air time
Price: Regular from ₩139K now ₩99K!
Deposit: ₩49K
Note: please pay the rest of the amount (₩50K) cash to the pilot on site!

VIP Course:

20+ minutes of air time, thermalling and altitude gain
Price: VIP from ₩179K now ₩119K!
Deposit: ₩59K
Note: please pay the rest of the amount (₩60K) cash to the pilot on site!


Both courses includes the paragliding flight, the paragliding video, and rides around Boryeong.

  • Fun , thrill , excitement! Must do in Korea! I was scared at starting , but Craig made it so simple and fun adding his humor and experience during my flight! The weather on the day we flied ,added extra awesomeness . A beach is nearby , so you can spend rest of your day chilling out there. Have a great flight people! go for it! \m/

    Ankita Agrawal
    Ankita Agrawal
  • Perfect day , it was well irganized from the team , try to make it easy for everyone , especially Craig , Travis both of them which i talk personaly , i really enjoyed alot abd I recommend everyone to go, even if you are afraid don't worry they will take care of that ?

    Karim Adel El Yamany
    Karim Adel El Yamany
  • it was awesome, real nice adventure, i like it so much and looking for more...

    Hayder Al-bayaty
    Hayder Al-bayaty
  • We had a very good experience in South Korea with the people from "Paragliding in Korea - FlyToTheSky". Craig (sorry if I did not spell your name properly) is a person full of good energy. He is the type of person that when you see it, you had the impression that you can trust him. He is super professional, confident, and "that", make you feel confident. He is so patient, and I will always will be thankful to him because, of his patience and encouragement, I had the opportunity to enjoy a great experience. Craig, seems to really enjoy his job, and I think that from him, paragliding is more than a job. I appreciate the fact that they do not push you to do anything that you do not want to do. I flew with a Korean Pilot (죄송합니다, 나는 그분의 이름을 기억하지 않습니다), and this guy was so calm and his voice, was sooo relaxing, that made the experience more pleasant. So, If you want to have a good time, find a moment of peace, challenge yourself, be surrounded by nature and energetic people then you definite should contact them.

    Lill Martìnez
    Lill Martìnez
  • I'd give them six stars if I could! Definitely going to fly again with them if I'm around. The service, planning and communication of these guys is great. Actually, I couldn't fly on the date I planned because the weather sucked and it was way too dangerous to fly. There was nothing they could do about it and they really care about the safety of their guests!:) So two guys of their team - G Force and Todd - offered me to take me to Jeonju the next day, another flying site close to Boryeong. When we arrived, I could start immediately and the flight was so smooth I could barely believe it! The tandem pilot even did some stunts which were sooo much fun. After that the guys took me out to dinner as I wanted to try some typically Korean/Jeonju food. It was very delicious and G Force and Todd are such great company. Really fun guys to have around! As I wanted to stay the night and see the Jeonju Hanok Village the next day, they also organized a hotel for me (I don't speak any Korean at all, so that was a huge relief). I can't imagine a better service than what these guys did for me. Pretty much felt like a VIP 😀 P.S. Also got some customary soap, a Korean tradition they say.

    Thu Nguyen
    Thu Nguyen
  • I went on a trip with Fly to the Sky last year, they were super friendly and easy to contact. They were responsible yet down for a good time. The place we went was absolutely gorgeous, the views were breathtaking. My entire group was very satisfied with our experience from start to finish. I would recommend Fly to the Sky to anyone whether you are a novice or intermediate flyer.

    Kevin Sansbury
    Kevin Sansbury
  • it was such a nice experience flying with these cool and adventurous folks!!!

    Arman Anchorez Carinan
    Arman Anchorez Carinan
  • Real friendly professionals who will take you to gorgeous places to have the best time of your life. Oh, and they speak all relevant languages! 🙂 I had two amazing Saturdays to spend with them, and I'm looking forward for the next, even on the other end of the world.

    László Ravasz
    László Ravasz
  • Paragliding was a surreal experience. Flying over mountains and trees was absolutely gorgeous. Craig was super nice and they help a lot. Also they guide you really well to reach the spot. All the instructors were really friendly and it was just the best day ever!!! You also have Boryeong beach near the landing area. Definitely recommend 🙂

    Pooja Anand
    Pooja Anand
  • Went paragliding with them and they were great. Very professional and fun group anyone passing through Korea that has had paragliding on their list to do sign up with this group

    Jeff Duda
    Jeff Duda
  • A awesome special ride ���

    Sakura Laura Orihara
    Sakura Laura Orihara
  • Paragliding is a great additions to any travel or vacation and the tandem paragliding makes it accessesable to anyone on any level.

    Mark Timber
    Mark Timber

About Boryeong

The mountain in Boryeong is twice as high as the one in Danyang, so the flight time is longer.


“Since 1994, the city of Boryeong has held the National Paragliding Competition at this site. Because the sea breeze helps to reduce turbulent air, the site provides optimal conditions for paragliding.” KTX Magazine


“Daecheon Beach is the biggest beach on the west coast, and is known for its shallow and calm waters. The sand at Daecheon Beach is especially soft and easy to wash off because it is composed of tiny bits of eroded shells. Daecheon Beach is also home to one of the most well-known festivals among international visitors in Korea—the annual summer Boryeong Mud Festival. In the winter, the beach draws large crowds again as locals and tourists flock to the shores for the annual winter Sunset Festival.” KTO website, 10 Summer Beach Destinations

Possible schedule

We can pick you up from the Boryeong bus station or Daecheon train station, or you can take a taxi from there to the landing site. It takes 5 minutes by car.

From the landing site, we go the the top of the mountain. ​Then we go paragliding! After paragliding we can take guests to the Daecheon Beach (10 minutes from the paragliding site). Here guests may relax at the beach, ride the zip line or skybike, and do other beach related activities. (Price is not included.) After paragliding we can also take guests to the Boryeong bus or train station.

Nearby activities

(NOT included in price)
*We do not operate these activities, but these opportunities are available to guests after paragliding.

Daecheon beach is only a 10 minute drive from the paragliding site. The area has an abundance of sea food and drinking along the beach.
The Boryeong Mud Festival begins in mid July and continues for 2 weeks.


Daecheon beach is the longest beach in Korea, and this track takes people above and along the coast to capture some scenic views. The karts are powered by pedaling. The cost is 7,000 won.

​The newly opened zip line takes guests along the Daecheon beach and above the Sky bridge. The cost is 18,000 won.


ATV rental is available 24 hours a day along the Daecheon beach. Prices vary, but usually the price is 20,000 won for one hour. There are numerous locations along the beach to choose from.

Contact details

For assistance call us at 010 9635 3002 (Craig, speaks English and Korean) or email us at


Boryeong bus terminal
8, Terminal-gil, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do
충청남도 보령시 터미널길 8 (궁촌동)
충청남도 보령시 내항동 336-11

Daecheon train station
116, Daehaero, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do
충청남도 보령시 대해로 116
충청남도 보령시 내항동 336-11

Note: The train station in Boryeong is called Daecheon (대천역, the old name for Boryeong), not Daejeon (대전).


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